Brief presentation of the School
The Athens School for Disabled People belongs to The Manpower Employment Organization.  The vocational training program is created exclusively for adults with disability and has been providing its services in the field of education and training for vulnerable social groups since 1990.
The school is located near the center of Athens, 19 Galatsiou Avenue 11141.  
Who’s eligible 
People with disabilities with verified rate of disability over 50% (after being certified by  authorized center) and diagnosed by legitimate committee , aged from 18 to 55, regardless gender, religion or nationality and with diseases such as:
•    Physical disabilities
•    Mobility problems
•    Organic diseases
•    Deafness and hearing impairment
•    Light mental retardation
•    Visual impairment including blindness
•    Psychological diseases

Purpose and targets of the vocational education
A.    The vocational training programs include theoretical and practical training for unemployed disabled people who specialize in different classes according to their peculiarity and to develop appropriate knowledge and skills for their further socializing and integration into the labour market or to become freelancers.
B.    The psychosocial and counselling assistance which supports the program encourage the adults to acquire professional qualifications and skills and to expand their inclination in order to be prepared for their integration into the labour market.
The trainees attend two-year syllabus with a total duration of 1,800 hours, divided into two equal school years (from 900 hours each year).
Training takes place five (5) days per week for six (6) hours per day. The duration of the teaching time is forty- five (45) minutes. The trainees receive subsidy and medical coverage by the Social Insurance Institute.

The staff
The school staff has experience in training of adults with disability. 
•    The trainers have all qualifications, technical and theoretical knowledge they need to facilitate the courses, and periodically update their knowledge on re- qualification courses.
•    The vocational training program is supported by experienced social workers, psychologists, nurses and sign language interpreters. 


The trainees are classified into different specialities according to their education, skills and disability.
The specialities are:
1.    Woodworking –Kitchen furniture
2.    Ceramics- tourist ceramic
3.    Leather crafts, accessory workplace 
4.    Icon creation and painting 
5.    Computers and web design 
6.    Computerized accounting
7.    Distance learning with available specialities :
-Employee of Computerized Accounting
-Administrative and Financial Officer

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